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Rail kit for rackmount models

Rail kit for rackmount models
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Price: US$149.00


EAN: 4712511127386

UPC: 885022008698

Note: This rail kit is designed for racks with 25-inch mounting depth. You may need to reserve some space when installing and adjusting the rail kit for racks with 18-inch mounting depth. For installation details, click

Please make sure the server racks conform to the following criteria: 

1. Rack size 
A. Mounting post width: ≥ 17.8"/451mm 
B. Panel width: ≥ 19.1"/485mm 
C. Mounting post depth: 18" ~ 32"/443mm~815mm

D. The distance between two rack posts is 18.3"/465mm (center-to-center measurement of the rack's square holes).

2. The optional rack kits for rack mount models are only compatible with square-hole server racks.



Rail kit for rackmount models
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